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21.08.2017 - Olllie and Violetta's puppies are 4 weeks old. Wellcome to the P-litter page! 


20.08.2017 - National Dog Show, Engels, 1 ESS

judge - M. Permyakov

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - exc, САС, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-IV

Well done Maria and Wally! Wally is in excellent condition!


19.08.2017 - International dog show, Velikiy Novgorod, 3 ESS

judge - Rita Kadike Skadina (Latvia)

Foxberryhills My Heart Melody "Daisy" - HP, PBOB

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Джейми" - exc, JCAC, JBOB

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Джеки" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOB




Hot day in Novgorod... But our results were good. Jacky got CACIB, Jamie - JCAC. Our little Daisy had nice debut - she was Best puppy in the breed and then was shortlisted to the five best puppies in the show. And most of all - she was really happy in the ring :)

Lavie - Foxberryhills La Vie Est Belle took part in the national dog show in Kirov and was BISpuppy-IV! Congratulations to Elena and Lavie!!!


12-13.08.2017 - International and National dog shows in Joensuu, Finland, 22/18 ESS

judge - Jessie Henriette Borregaard Madsen (Denmark) and Maria McEntee O'Sullivan (Irland)

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie" -  --- / exc-1, CQ, ЛК-3, resCAC

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Jacky" - exc-1, CQ, BB-3, resCAC / exc-1, CQ, BB-2, CAC

Wonderful weekend in Joensuu, Finland! We decided to come to this shows because breed specialist Jessie Henriette Borregaard Madsen judged. Jacky got nice critique and became third Best bitch in strong competition. At the second the jugdind was also very intresting and Jamie was third in the males and Jacky was second in the bitches and got CAC. Now we should think to pass hunting ability test to become Finnish champion.

And Natalya and Indy - Foxberryhills Indigo Child travelled to belorussian Novopolotzk where he was Best of breed and second in the group. Now he is Belorussian Champion! Well done Natalya and Indy!!!


06.08.2017 - International Dog Show, Pskov, 4 ESS

judge - Viktoras Avtusko (Lithuania)

Foxberryhills May Queen "Wendy" - HP, BOBbaby, BISbaby-III

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie" - exc, JCAC, JBOB

Foxberryhills Indigo Child "Инди" - exc, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Сильва" - exc, САС, CACIB, BOB, BIG-III





As always we could not miss the International Dog show in Pskov! :) We came with Jamie and Silva this year and also Natalya Konopleva entered her Wendy and Indy. Little princess Wendy repeated the success of her mum Connie 5 year ago and also became BISbaby-III. It's the nice start!!!

Jamie was JBOB and got his first russian JCAC. Indy got his first CACIB. And we can not stop to be happy about our girl Silva who was Best of Breed and then Best In Group III.

It was perfect day! Big congratulations to Natalya!!! And huge thanks for your hospitality!!! Cann't wait next year :)


30.07.2017 - International Dog Show in Kazan, Russia, 1 ESS

Judges: breed - Zvi Kupferberg, group - Vondrous Otakar

Foxberryhills Immense Firework "Leo" - exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-II



Congratulations to Elena and Leo on such nice resuts!!! We are very happy of you!!!


22.07.2017 - Violetta - Foxberryhills Violet Dream gave us 9 puppies on Saturday - 4 boys and 5 girls out of handsome english gentlemen Melverly Top Geezer. Wellcome to P-letter page!


8-9.07.2017 - IDS, Parnu, Estonia 9/8 ESS

judges: Livia Zizevske (Lithuania) and Sanja Momčilović Bognič (Serbia)

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie" - exc-1, JCAC/exc-1, JCAC, BM-3

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Silva" - exc-1, cq, rCACIB, BB-2/exc-1, cq, rCACIB, BB-2


 We haven't been in Parnu for a long time and decided to go with our youngsters. Jamie was Best junior both day and Silva was second best bitch with rCACIB. Not bad results! And after shows we spent few nice hours on the seaside - dogs had fun!



02.07.2017 -  We are enjoying summer time!!! :) 

Connie, Gerda and Nega, again Connie, Daisy, Jacky







01.07.2017 - National dog show, Yoshkar-Ola, 1 ESS

Judge - Julia Ovsyannikova

Foxberryhills La Vie Est Belle "Lavie" - HP, PBOB, BISpuppy-I

Congratulations to Elena and Lavie on the win in Yoshkar-Ola!!!


25.06.2017 - National dog show, Balakovo, 1 ESS

Judge - Gorbachevskiy O.A.

Foxberryhills Journey To Th Dream "Wally" - exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-III

Well done to Maria and Wally!!!

 At the same day in Kiev - National dog show, 2 ESS

Foxberryhills Kiss Of Spring "Alice" - HP, PBOB

Foxberryhills Zillion Of Smiles "Zara" - exc, САС, BOB, BIG-II


Congratulations to Alla and Zara and Yaroslava and Alice on such lovely results in Kiev!!!


24.06.2017 - National dog show, Magnitogorsk, 1 ESS

Foxberryhills Kind Intention "Gilly" - HP, PBOB, BISpuppy-IV

Well done to Natalia and Gilli!!!


17.06.2017 - Agility competition in Pskov

Foxberryhills May Queen "Wendy" - 2nd in puppy class

Congratulations to Wendy and all her team on first result in agility!!! We hope this is the nice begining of great future!!!


10-11.06.2017 - Double IDS in Minsk, Belarus, 2 ESS

Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love "Lada" - exc, САС, CACIB, Cruft's Qualification, BOS/ exc, САС, CACIB, Cruft's Qualification, BOB

Congratulations to Ekaterina and Lada on the first CACIBs and lovely wins and new title - Belarussion Champion!!! 

At the same weekend Chiara -  Foxberryhills Young And Beautiful took part at the NDS in Penza and got her first adult CAC and also became BOB. Congratulations to Nadezhda and Sonya!!! 

And Guch in Glazov - Foxberryhills Light Inside Of Me was Best In Show Baby - II !!! Congratulations to Aleksandr and Aleksandra!!!



04.06.2017 - National dog show. Nizhniy Novgorod, 1 ESS

judges: breed - J. Ovsyannikova, BISbaby - Y. Gavrilova

Foxberryhills Legend Comes To Life "Barny" - HP-1, Best baby, BISbaby-I

Big congratulations to Barny and his team!!!


03.06.2017 - Hunting trial, Tomsk

judge - V.A. Mityanin

Foxberryhills Zippy Like Lightning "Zippy" - diploma 3d - 74 points (17+7+8+8+4+7+4+4+8+7)

Congratulations to Aleksandr and Zippy on one more hunting diploma and so high points!!! Good work!!!


27.05.2017 - 3 * National dog shows, Moscow, 1 ESS

Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love "Lada" -  exc, САС, BOB/exc, САС, BOB/exc, САС, BOB, BIG-III

Congratulations ti Ekaterina and Lada on nice results and new titles - Russian and RKF Champion!


Alice - Foxberryhills Kiss Of Spring in Vasilkov, Ukraine was Best baby twice. And Chasy - Foxberryhills Keep Me Closer had the same results! Congratulations to Yaroslava and Oksana on nice results!!!



 В эти же выходные в Ойшкар-Оле выступала Лави - Foxberryhills La Vie Est Belle - она стала Лучшим беби породы и потом в бесте BISbaby-II - Поздравляем Елену с успехами!!! Вы с Лави большие трудяжки!!! 



20.05.2017 - Национальная выставка Английских спрингер спаниелей, Москва, 33 АСС

судья - Arja Koskelo (Финляндия)

Foxberryhills Light Inside Of Me "Гуч" - очень перспективный-2

Foxberryhills La Vie Est Belle "Лави" - очень перспективная-1, Лучший беби

Foxberryhills Yound And Beautyful "Киара" - отл, Юный Чемпион Клуба, Лучший юниор

Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love "Лада" - очень хорошо-2

Foxberryhills Immense Firework "Лео" - отлично-2, СС

Foxberryhills Joy Of Every Day "Лаки" - отл, КЧК, Лучший кобель-2

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Сильва" - отл, КЧК, Лучшая сука-3

Foxberryhills Zimpe Beauty "Кора" - отлично-2

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Джекки" - отл-1, Чемпион Клуба, Лучшая сука, BOS

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Нега" - отл-2, СС

Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Весна" - очень хорошо-3











Как всегда мы с большим удовольствием приняли участие в Национальной выставке Английских спрингер спаниелей в Москве. В этом году по каталогу было 33 собаки, в том числе 11 спрингеров Фоксберрихиллс!!! Спасибо всем большое, что собрались и приехали! В этом году самым дальним экспонентом была Кора из Волгограда - и результат был хороший, второе место в классе! Лучшим беби выставки стала Лави, ее брат Гуч стал вторым из трех очень симпатичных бебиков кобелей! Лучшим юниором стала Киара! В кобелях Лео стал вторым в классе с СС, а Лаки выиграл класс и потом стал вторым на сравнении на Лучшего кобеля. Его сестра Сильва также выиграла класс, а позже стала третьей Лучшей сукой, Нега стала вторая в классе с отлично и СС. А вот Лучшей среди наших взрослых собак в этот раз стала Джекки - она выиграла класс, потому стала Лучшей сукой и Лучшей противополжного пола! В этот раз судья была очень строга и было не мало оч.хоров, но это хороший стимул сделать работу над ошибками и показаться во всей красе в следующий раз - Весна и Лада - мы в вас верим!!! 

От всей души поздравляем нашу дружную команду с успехами!!! Очень были рады видеть всех!!!


14.05.2017 - Всероссийская выставка собак, Ульяновск, 1 АСС

судьи: порода - Audrone Babianskene (Литва), в группе - Татьяна Григоренко

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Валли" - отл, САС, ЛПП, BIG-I, BIS-III

После достаточно долгого перерыва Валли вернулся в ринг с супер результатами!!! Поздравляем Марию и Валли с очередным призовым местом в Бесте ин шоу!!!

В эти же выходные дебютировали бебики: в Нижнем Новгороде Барни - Foxberryhills Legend Comes To Life и в Магнитогорске Джилли - Foxberryhills Kind Intention. Оба стали Лучшими беби породы. Поздравляем с дебютам!!!



В эти же выходные в Пскове проходили Всероссийская и региональная выставки, 5 АСС

судьи - Васильев О.Н. / Каширин Н.М.

Foxberryhills Indigo Child "Инди" - отл, САС/отл, САС, ЛПП, BIG-I

Foxberryhills Jolly Fairy Tale "Джойли" - отл, САС, ЛС


Инди и Джой успешно выступили в родном Пскове. Джой была записана на одну выставку, где стала Лучшей сукой и закрыла Чемпион России! Инди выступал дважды - на первой выиграл класс и получил САС, а на второй выиграл породу, а затем и группу! От всей души поздравляем Наталью и ее подопечных с успехами в сильной конкуренции!!!


6-7.05.2017 - National dog show in Kiev, Ukraine, 1 ESS

judge - Inga Siil (Estonia) и Pavel Karpov (Ukraine)

Foxberryhills Zillion Of Smiles "Zara" - exc, САС, BOB/ exc, САС, BOB, BIG-IV

Congratulations to all big Zara's team!!! You work heard and your results are better and better! We are very proud of you!!!


30.04.2017 - New litter in the East part of Russia (Khabarovsk) after lovely sports couple - Foxberryhills Vini Vidi Vici и Foxberryhills Bright Colours.  Wellcome to Litter O page!



23.04.2017 - National Dog Show, Izhevsk, 1 ESS

judge - K.V. Barbosov (Russia)

Foxberryhills Immense Firework "Leo"- exc-1, САС, BOB, BIG-III

Congratulations to Elena and Leo on nice results in Izhevsk!!!


Zara - Foxberryhills Zillion Of Smiles was Best of Breed and BIG-IV in Brovary, Ukraine. Well done, Alla and Zara!!!


22.04.2017 - Hunting trial, Sevastopol, Crimea

judge - A.P. Antonova

Foxberryhills Join To My World "Clark" - diploma 3d - 61 points

Congratulations to Sergey and Klark on his first working certificate!!!


16.04.2017 - Happy Easter!!!


08.04.2017 - Englis Springer Spaniel Speciality, St.Petersburg, 16 ESS

judge - Zofia Konderla (Poland)

Foxberryhills Kaleidoscope Of Emotions "Jasmin" - HP-1, Best baby

Foxberryhills Keep Me Closer "Chesy" - HP-2

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie" - HP-1, Best puppy

Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love "Lada" - exc, ClubJCAC, JBOS

Foxberryhills Icon Of Style "Kesha" - exc, cq

Foxberryhills Joy Of Every Day "Lucky" - exc, cq

Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" - exc, cq

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Silva" - exc, ClubCAC, BOS

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Джекки" - exc, cq

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc, cq










ESS speciality was help in our city after long brake and we were so happy to entered there with huge team. There were 10 Foxberryhills springers. Many thanks to all our owners!!!

And big congratulations to everyone!!! Especially for babies who were first time at the show and did great work!!! And to lovely junior Lada who drived from Moscow to joined us!!! And also got nice results!!!

Our adults boys and girls got also lovely critique and cq!!! The best from them was Silva who was Best bitch this day!!!


30.03.2017 - One boy from our L-letter is looking for loving home!



26.03.2017 - New pictures of Connie's and Texas's pupies. Wellcome to M-litter page! 


25.03.2017 - International dog show, Narva, Estonia, 9 ESS

judge - Joao Vasco Pocas (Portugal)

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie"- HP, Best puppy

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Jacky" - exc-1, САС, CACIB, BB-2

We can not miss the nearest IDS from our home and entered there with Jacky and Jamie. Jamie was PBOB and Jacky got CACIB and became BB-2!


22.03.2017 - New pictures of M-litter!



19.03.2017 - We have newborn puppies in Minsk! Welcome to N-litter page!!!


17-19.03.2017 - Three International Dog Shows EURASIA-2017, Moscow, 7/10/6 ESS

judges - Friday - Ekaterina Ktylova (Russia), Saturday - Monika Blaha (Austria), Sunday - Harry Lehkonen (Finland)

Sieger's My Kind Of Hero "Jamie" -  - / HP, PBOB/ HP, PBOB

Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love "Lada" - - / exc-1, JCAC, JBOB/ -

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB/ exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS/ -

Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me "Stepa" - exc-1, CAC/ - / -

Foxberryhills Ideal Of Hope "Silva" - - / exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB/ exc-1, CAC

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - - / - / exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Best In Group-I

Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Виолетта" -  - / exc-1, CAC, resCACIB/ exc-1, CAC, resCACIB





 Eurasia dog show was very successful for us again!!! Our dogs were Best of breed free days in row - Wally, Silva and Nega!!! Nega also won the Group on Sunday!!! Wally did also great in group final - was shortlisted to five finalists!!!

We are very happy about Lada who was JBOB on Saturday!!! Well done Ekaterina!!!

Stepa won his class on Friday!

Violetta got two resCACIBs - good girl!!! :)

And Jamie was PBOB twice with super critiques!!!

We are so grateful to all our friends who spent these days with us!!! Your help is priceless!!! These were unforgettable weekend!!! :)


17.03.2017 - Happy birthday to B-litter!!!



16.03.2017 - Happy birthday to V-litter!!!


Zlata and Rich send birthday wishes to all their sisters and brothes!!!


05.03.2017 - New pictures of Connie's puppies.



04.03.2017 - National Dog Show, Saratov, 1 ESS

judge - Revaz Khomasuridze (Russia)

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - exc, САС, BOB, BIG-I

Huge congratulations to Maria and Wally on the great results in Saratov!!!


02.03.2017 - Connie's puppies are 2 weeks old :)



26.02.2017 - National Dog Show, Penza, 1 ESS

judge - Shamil Abrakimov (Russia)

Foxberryhills Young And Beauty "Chiara" - exc, JCAC, JBOB=> Russian Junior Champion

Big congratulations to Chiara and all her team on her first title - Russian Junior Champion!!!


26.02.2017 - National Dog Show, Penza, 1 ESS

judge - Vladimir Alexandrov (Russia)

Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream "Wally" - exc, САС, ЛПП, BIG-III

Well done Maria and Wally!!!


25.02.2017 - International Dog Show in St.Petersburg, 2 ESS

judge - Alex Komarowski (Germany)

Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel "Nega" - exc, САС, CACIB, BOS => C.I.E.

We have new Interchampion (C.I.E) in our kennel! This is our princess Nega!!! She got last CACIB at the Inrernational Dog Show in St.Petersburg. 


24.02.2017 - Happy Birthday to our A-litter!!! :)


23.02.2017 - Happy Birthday to our Y-litter!!! :)


22.02.2017 - New pictures of our M-babies (Texas x Connie) - at the 1 week old.




18.02.2017 - Good heallth news! Violetta - Foxberryhills Violet Dream and Nega - Foxberryhills Eternal Jewel visited vet to check their eyes. And results are nice - they are clear from hereditary diseases!


14.02.2017 - We were very busy on St.Valentine day - our Connie (Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel) delivered 9 lovely puppies (4 boys and 5 girls). The father of the litter is Lordsett Truly Madly Deeply. More information at the Current litter page.



11.02.2017 - National Dog Show, Izhevsk, Russia, 1 ESS

judge - Tatyana Grigorenko (Russia)

Foxberryhills Immense Firework - отлично, CAC, BOB, BIG-II

Congratulations to Elena and Leo on first "adalt" CAC and BIG-II!!! 


07.02.2017 - Wellcome to the Litter L page - 2 boys and 1 girl are available!


06.02.2017 - All puppies of our K-Litter moved to their new homes. Best of luck to all of them!!! 


30.01.2017 - New pictures of L-Litter added 


28-29.01.2017 - Double international dog show in Kaunas, Lithuania, Литва, 6 ESS

judges - Rui Oliveira (Portugal) и Renata Petkeviciene (Lithuania)

Foxberryhills Jewel To You Forever "Jacky - exc, CAC, CACIB / exc

Jacky opened show season in very nice way - got CACIB!!! :)

Kira - Foxberryhills Young And Beauty  - excellent, САС, Best In Show Junior IV, Wally - Foxberryhills Journey To The Dream - excellent at the national dog show in Penza. Big congratulations to our youngsters!!! :)


Lada - Foxberryhills Yesterday I Fell In Love is Russia Junior Champion now! Well done Ekaterina!!! 


Leo - Foxberryhills Immense Firework travelled to Perm to the IDS and was BOB! Judge - Aleksey Belkin. Congratulations to Elena and Leo!!!  


22.01.2017 - Double National show in Novosibirsk, 1 ESS

Foxberryhills Zippy Like Lightning - exc, CAC, BOB/ exc, CAC, BOB, BIG-III

Well done Aleksandr and Zippy!!!

Our Jamie - Sieger's My Kind Of Hero had nice debut at the double national shows in St.Petersburg this weekend and got nice critiques and two BOBbaby titles :)


21.07.2017 - Wellcome to visit page of litter K - one boy is available and litter L - we have one girl and two boys for sale!


20.07.2017 - Nice winter time... :)


08.01.2017 - Wellcome to the K-litter's page to see new pictures of babies at the age of 5,5 weeks. One boy is looking for owners! 








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