2 National Dog Shows, Kirov, 2 ESS
Foxberryhills Vittoria Mia Arte "Vesna" (intermediate class) - CW, rCAC / CW, CAC, BOB, BIG-4
Vesna was BOB and BIG-IV at the national dog show in Kirov. Well done girls!!! :)


International Dog Show, Rovaniemi, Finland, 36 ESS
judge - Beata Petkevic (Latvia)
Foxberryhills Born To Hunt "Riku" - v.g.
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" - exc-2

We spent Juhanus in Lapland to visit Riku and his owners Olga and Pekka. Many thanks for his hospitality!!! :) Also we visited International Dog Show in Rovaniemi and Riku got very good and Violetta was second in junior class with excellent.


National Dog Show, St. Petersburg, 1 ESS
judge - Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska
LORDSETT NO ONE ELSE "Nigel" - v.p., BOB-puppy
Finally we saw Nigel at the show ring. He was BOB puppy and got super critique, but unfortunatlly they can not waited the final...


National Dog Show, Ukraine
judges - Maria Gvozdeva (Ukraine), Peter Harsanyi (Hungary)
Foxberryhills Grand Prize For You "Patric"- exc, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-I, BIS-III
We got nice news from Patric as always. Now she was Best In Show-III. Huge congrats to Elena and all Patric's great team!!! :)))


International Dog Show in Smolensk, 3 ESS
judge - Astrid Lundava (Estonia)
Foxberryhills Galaxy Of Joy "Laima" - exc-1, JCAC, BOB
Congratulations to Laima, who was Best Of Breed in Smolensk and finished RuJCh!!!

National Dog Show, St. Petersburg, 1 ESS
judge - L. Repina
Congratulations Anna and Lara with Satu's success in Saint-Petersburg!!!


National Dog Show, Khabarovsk
judges - N.Shrak/Ramune Kazlauskate (Lithuania)
FOXBERRYHILLS Girl Of My Dreams "Molly" - exc, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, BIG-II/exc, JCAC, JBOB


We with Gerda just returned from kennel Adamant's (Finland). We are expecting puppies in two months. More information about future litter at the page "Puppies".



National ESS specility, Moscow, 22 ESS
judge - Sue Kettle (GB)
Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me "Stepa" (Junior class) - exc-1, RuClubJCh
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" (Junior class) - exc-1, RuClubJCh, JBOB
Foxberryhills Around The Worls "Kaj" (Champion class) - exc-1, RuClubCh, Best male
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" (Champion class) - exc-1, ClubCAC
Foxberryhills Arctic Jewel "Gerda" (Open class) - exc-2, CC

Unforgettable weekend in Moscow at the National ESS speciality!!! Our youngsters Stepa and Violetta won their classes, became Russian Club Junior Champions and Violetta also was Best Junior. Kaj was Best male and second time gained title of Russian Club Champion! Gerda was second in open class with excellent and CQ. Connie won champion class and got ClubCC and now she is Russian Club Champion also!!! We would like to congratulate Stepa's family with such great win and first so important title! And huge thanks for their hospitality!!! :))) And also many thanks to our Moscow handler Polina Nevinskaya for her great job!!! :)))


International Dog Show "Baltic Winner", Moletai, Lithuania, 9-11 ESS
judges - Saija Juutilainen (Finland) / Beata Petkevica (Latvia) / Julija Aidietiene (Lithuania)
Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, JBOB/exc-2/exc-2
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" (Junior class) - ---/exc-1, JCAC, JBOS, BalticJW'14/---
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel "Connie" (Champion class) - exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB/exc-2, rCACIB/exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-I

Hot weekend in Moletai at the 3xInt Dog Shows "Baltic Winner-2014". We had Connie in our team who added to her credit 2 CACIBs, 2 Best of Breed and win in the Group! Freddy got JCAC and now he is Lithuanian Junior Champion and Violetta now is Baltic Junior Winner 2014 also!!!


Agility (CACAG), Khabarovsk
judge - Tordasheva E.A.
Foxberryhills Bright Colors "Zlata" - 2nd place

We got lovely news from Masha and Zlata from Khabarovsk. They took part in the official agility competition first time in their life and did it very well!!! They got second place in high competition!!!

And after that they took part in obidience competition dedicated to the Victory in The World War II and their team got third place.

Good job, girls!!! Congratulations!!!

Tatyana Toreeva sent us wonderful pictures of the Stepa's (Foxberryhills Don't Stop Me) training. Thank you very much!!! And see you soon in Moscow!!! :)


Hunting Dog Show, Turi, Estonia, 7 ESS
judges: breed - Arvid Goransson (Sweden), BIS - Maret Kardi (Estonia)
Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, JBOS, BOS => Ee JCH
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB, Best In Show-II => Ee JCh
Foxberryhills Bliss To Be The Jewel (Champion class) - exc-1, CAC, BB2 => Ee & Baltic Ch

We spent our holidays in the middle of Estonia in the small town Turi at the hunting dog show. It was so nice to see so many old russian hunting breeds (laikas and etc) there! There was 7 ess. And it was our day!!! We won all our classes, got Best male, Best female and Best of Breed! It was Violetta this time! And she was Best in Show II finally!!! We also took part in the breeder class competition and became Best In Show kennel!!! :)


International Dog Show, Saint-Petersburg, 8 ESS
judge - Douglas Halloway (USA)
Foxberryhills Ginger Cake "Freddy" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, JBOB => Ru JCH
Foxberryhills Violet Dream "Violetta" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, JBOS

Traditionally we visited International Dog Show in Saint-Petersburg in Ice Palace. We had only juniors in our team. Vioeltta won her class. Freddy won his class, became Best Junior and also finished Russian Junior Champion. Congratulations to the Freddy's owner Elena!!! :)


National Dog Show, Kryvoy Rog (Ukraine), 1 ESS
judges - N. Sedykh
Foxberryhills Grand Rrize For You "Patric" (Junior class) - exc-1, JCAC, BOB, BIG-I

Patric has debuted in junior class this weekend and did it great! He won the group!!! Congratulations to the owner Elena and to all his big team!!!


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