New pictures from Marina Kiricheva: Vejka, F.Amazing Story, Risha, F.Air of Spring, Venja, Whisborne Wizard и black terrier Filya.


Int. Dog Show "White nights - 2010", St-Petersburg (Russia), 5 ESS
judge Branislav Rajic (Slovakia)
Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel - HP, BOB-baby
Baskethill's Jewel to You - VG-2

Gerda is moving in the ring :)


Int. Dog Show, Smolensk (Russia), 2 ESS
judge Belkin A. (Russia)
Baskethill's Jewel to You - BB, CAC, CACIB


All Breed Show, St-Petersburg, 2 ESS
judge Repina L.V. (Russia)
Foxberryhill's Around the World (Kaj) - HP, BOS-baby
Foxberryhill's Arctic Jewel (Gerda) - HP, BOB-baby, BISbaby-I


Out A-puippies are 3 months today.

Nusha- Foxberryhill's Apricot Delight:

Chiara - Foxberryhill's April Present:


National Spaniel Show, Moscow - 23 ESS

judge Michael Masters (England)

Baskethill's Jewel to You - exc-1 (open class), ClubCAC

Last puppy Nusha - Foxberryhill's Apricot Delight - left home to Moscow to her new owners. And Gerda and Kaj finally stya with us :)


New pictures from Vejka - Foxberryhill's Amazing Story и Chiara - Foxberryhill's April Present.


New pictures from forest walk with our puppies added to Gallery.


Roy - Foxberryhill's Adventure - found his new owners. Good luck!!! :)

And we got new pictures of Virta Foxberryhill's Amber Honey. How fast they are growing!:)))



Yesterday Foxberryhill's April Present(Chiara) left us to Moscow, and today Foxberryhill's A Gold of Vancouver (now is Archie) -Saint-Petersburg. Good luck, babies!!! :)
The puppies are growing and Saima are playing with them in the yeard with big pleasure :)


Today our puppy got their puppy cards and tatto and Risha Foxberryhill's Air of Spring and Vejka Foxberryhill's Amazing Story left us to the new home.


Our very first springer litter was born today - 4 boys and 6 girls :)))


We have wonderful winter weather here. And our future mother Saima is very happy and healfy :)

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